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The company

The company Cutelaria Ernesto Pires & Filhos, Lda is a family business founded in 1948 and headquartered in the small village of Verdugal, near the city of Guarda, in the Serra da Estrela.

The art and knowledge were preserved until the present day, resulting in a range of products (knives, sickles and knives) modeled on traditional methods with carefully selected raw materials.

Combining tradition, experience and knowledge with the ability to understand the current needs and requirements of the market, Cutelaria Ernesto Pires & Filhos, Lda offers a diverse product range, with different form of packaging to meet and exceed the expectations of different types of customers.

Implanted in the Portuguese market intends to continue its growing international expansion.


The company is presented with a sustained growth strategy, where tradition and the artisanal nature that characterizes it are supported by innovation resulting from the constant adaptation to changing market requirements. This way the "knowledge of generations" is preserved and valued, thus creating the differentiator concept, an identity.

The company's strategy focuses on the customer, according to his experience, recognizes the quality and uniqueness of each knife, sickle and knife


From generation to generation, we have developed skills and knowledge in a family company that has always followed a sustained way for quality, with special focus on the alliance between the handmade nature, tradition and innovation.

A satisfação constante dos nossos clientes é o nosso objectivo e simultaneamente a nossa maior motivação para a elaboração dos nossos produtos: navalhas, foices e facas de todos os tipos.


Ethical commitment and responsibility;

Identity preservation;

Quality, accuracy and competence;

Customer satisfaction;


Our History