White knife

  • 25 Janeiro 2014


Boxes of a dozen with the blade option card protection.
Individual blister

White knife

Blade made in inox and cable injected with polypropylene

  • Ref:nº00


    Blade length:9 cm

  • Ref:nº0


    Blade length:10 cm

  • Ref:nº1


    Blade length:12 cm

  • Ref:nº2


    Blade length:14 cm

The white color of the handle of the knife corresponds to use in the following foods: bread or dairy products.
The use of a different color of cable knives is considered good practice by ASAE.

At all stages of production, processing and distribution, food is to be protected against any contamination likely to render it unfit for human consumption, injurious to health or contaminated. Not being legal requirement, it is good practice to use different colored knives, as this procedure helps the prevention of cross-contamination. . But if the operator meet proper hygiene program of equipment and utensils between different operations, knives or other utensils may be all the same color "(Source: ASAE)